The Ademe launches a program of 3M€ to the experimentation of the label (E+C-

LABEL E+C-. To accompany the experiments of the label-energy-carbon (E+C-), the Ademe has launched the funding program “Objectives buildings energy carbon” (Obec), with three million euros. Its purpose is to bring together a large number of evaluations of building made respecting the repository “energy + carbon -“.
A programme of funding of three million euros for 2017, has been launched by Ademe to accompany the phase of experimentation within the framework of the label-energy-carbon. This plan has been named the Obec, such as “Objectives buildings energy carbon”. As a reminder, this label, which is based on the repository “, E+C-“, has for objective to define the thermal regulation successor to the RT2012. It has for main characteristic to take into account the carbon footprint of buildings, in addition to their energy performance.


The plan Obec will have as its main goal is to contribute to the database of the observatory E+C-, after the evaluation of the buildings built in the framework of this label. The other aim of the Obec will be to inform and up skill the players in the sector.


Thirteen offices will be selected


Several regional initiatives should be carried out in the framework of this plan. They will be carried out by thirteen research offices, one per region, who will be selected by the summer. They will each be in charge to perform a twenty assessments of energy, environmental and economic requirements of new buildings labelled E+C-, but also to conduct information sessions with stakeholders in the sector on the use of the repository and the calculation of life-cycle analyses (LCA).


The choice of building the tests that will be financially accompanied will be following calls for projects launched in each region by the local directorates of Ademe. “All the owners are concerned, with the exception of social landlords and individuals,” says the agency. “The funding will cover a portion of study costs incurred by the building owners.”

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