The acoustics of the building, a manual professional maintenance-rehabilitation

READ. How to determine the origin of an acoustic problem and solve it simply ? How to design a sound insulation by simple reading of a curve ? Or how to make equipment silent ? Among the many questions that find their answers in the book “The acoustics of the building,” Jean-Marie Rapin, published by Eyrolles.
Laurent Droin, the Centre for information and documentation on noise (CIDB), explains : “In the acoustics applied to the building, the difficulties do not come from the complexity of the solutions : these are generally simple and are common sense… For the little that we know pose the problem correctly“. A thought which is extracted from the preface that he will sign in the book “The acoustics of the building, manual professional maintenance and rehabilitation”, published by editions Eyrolles.
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The book, 177 pages, is intended for readers artisans, technicians, architects and individuals – when faced with problems caused by the noise in the existing buildings, so that they are able to control the situation by designing and carrying out a suitable response. A real technical guide, it first looks at the basic theory around the sound, of the acoustic materials and the estimation of noise levels or isolation. It then reviews the methods of design of the walls and partitions, protection of floors against impact sounds, and different joinery. The issues of hydraulic equipments and air-conditioning are not forgotten, any more than the acoustic treatment of the public buildings, places of work, spaces of circulation and common areas. Twelve examples of application are presented to the readers, with diagrams and references to regulations and standards.


A specialist of the issue of noise
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The author, Jean-Marie Rapin, is an engineer FTE and has led the bulk of his career at CSTB, where he was deputy director of the department Acoustic. Formed by Robert Josse, he is notably the author of the first study on the protection of the noise of highways by acoustic screens, and has published numerous research articles. He has also taught at Insa and Ens Lyon, as well as at the IUT of Grenoble and has served as an advisor to new cities and major projects, working directly with the architects.


The manual, published in the collection “White CONSTRUCTION”, has been approved by the CIDB. It is available since the month of April, 2017 at a price of 35 €.

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