The 5 winners of the Global Award 2017 are…

CONTEST. For the 11th edition of the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture™ presented awards to five architects or teams of architects working around the world and sharing the ethics of a sustainable architecture. Check out the work.
Founded in 2006 by the architect and professor Jana Revedin, and with the City of architecture & heritage as a cultural partner, the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture comes to reward five new architects or architectural collective, bringing to 55 the number of architects to join the community of excellence Global Award. This edition of 2017 focused on the relationship of the architect to the resources. “Material resources, of course, but also immaterial resources, renewable without end, such as the time, the process or the dialogue with other sciences and knowledge,” explain the organizers.


For Jana Revedin, in an era marked by “climate change and the depletion of reserves, renewable, natural building materials and recyclable are rediscovered, and their use reinvented“. But beyond material resources, “there are those in architectural thinking“, “a reservoir of intellectual and sensitive essential to the paradigm shift that transforms currently in the practice of architecture, “explains the architect.


The winners in 2017 are :
Takaharu Tezuka + Yui Tezuka
Sonam Wangchuk
B Brian Mackay-Lyons & Talbot Sweetapple
Paulo David


Takaharu Tezuka + Yui Tezuka
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Takaharu Tezuka and Yui Tezuka, who created their own agency in Tokyo in 1994, “were first made known by houses : fluid, inventive, intimately related to nature – even when that nature is only a small garden, a park that runs along it, the situations of japanese in which these architects know how to extract each resource”. The two architects did not hesitate to build “the”new living scenarios” explain the organisers recalling the concept of the roof-terrace of the Roof House, that was built in 2001, or project the large ring of Saturn in which all of love the garden of children Fuji (2007).


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