The 10 “Grenelle”, the story of a revival

REHABILITATION HEAVY. The building built in the 50’s on the former site of the Vel d’hiv in Paris has been entirely renovated and restructured. A project of the strong constraints given the original structure and the high density of homes nearby.
After five years of reflection and work, it is a large-scale project, which was inaugurated this July 3, 2017 at 10 boulevard Grenelle, in the Fifteenth arrondissement of Paris. A historical place that is sadly known for the tragic raid of Vel d’hiv during the second world war. Then, in the 1950s, a high-rise building was designed by the architect Pierre Dufau on this site. For nearly 25 years, it has housed the services of the ministry of the Interior. But at the end of 2011, when that department is gone, the issue of rehabilitation was raised. The building has never been renovated.


It is up to the architect, Vera Matovic, of the agency B architecture, has been entrusted with this large-scale renovation. A rehabilitation heavy given the structure of the building, composed of large ribbed slabs in prefabricated concrete,”building closet“, we had it explained. A structure that is not in keeping with the buildings contemporary and imposing a low ceiling height. A construction site forced also by the high density of homes around this parcel.


Before you begin this project, the architect wanted to understand the history of the site and realized that the memorial plaque in tribute to the victims was not given sufficient value. So she wanted to appreciate it more. And since the entrance of the building was done by an adjacent street, she proposed to reverse the entries and create the main access on the 10 boulevard Grenelle. The agency also chooses to offer an entrance on a courtyard natural and not a floor as previously. Now, the former sub-soil receiving spaces noble for the welcome and the services of the occupants.


This building stands out by the specific treatment of its facade in white metal, its decoration carried out by the designer Ora-ïto.


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