Syntec engineering flies to the rescue of Mediaconstruct

Syntec engineering has reaffirmed its “support and endorsement” to Mediaconstruct, the French association for the promotion and development of BIM in the building sector and infrastructure. Last week, five professional organizations have left the organization.
As we announced last week, Syntec engineering does not leave Mediaconstruct. The federation of professional engineering, he reaffirms the same, in a press release of April 18, “support and membership”. Mediaconstruct, the French version of the BuildingSmart association global BIM, is in turmoil since the announcement of the defection of five-member professional organisations, FFB, Capeb, the Unsfa, the Cinov and the Untec.


“BIM is a tool is a method of revolutionary work. It allows to reduce the costs of construction and operation associated with a project and endow it with a new value, the numeric value”, says Nicolas Jachiet, president of Syntec-ingénierie. “This is why we work hard for many years to promote its development and adoption by all stakeholders. To this day, Mediaconstruct is the only association that brings together around one table all the stakeholders in the sector and enjoys a legitimacy in France as well as internationally. Maintain a membership of Mediaconstruct is therefore for us a matter of course.”

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