Syntec and the SMABTP committed to the legal protection of businesses

The Syntec Federation and the SMABTP have entered into an agreement of partnership aimed at helping businesses to better respond to their legal environment.
Syntec and the SMABTP signed, on 5 July, a partnership agreement based on a protective device of the company and its leader in the face of multiple hazards in the courts. “In the Face of complexity and constant evolution of labour law, the SMABTP offer guided tours to companies that belong to member unions of Syntec, by providing expertise and advice. In particular, the two partners will conduct joint actions in the regions adapted to the real needs of business”, one can read in a press release issued on 24 July 2017.


“This partnership fits in the framework of the experimentation that we put in place at Syntec to promote entrepreneurship by ensuring coverage of social risks (loss of employment, etc.), legal and financial, adapted to the new forms of work (non-salaried workers, self-employed, collaborative platforms…)”, says Viviane Chaine-Ribeiro, president of Syntec.

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