Swiss Krono intend to take advantage of the wave launched by the label (E+C-

The manufacturer of panels wood Swiss Krono France puts all the advantages on his side in order to take advantage of the rise in power of the criterion carbon in the construction sector. Explanations.
The future of environmental regulation French should make the beautiful part to the criterion of carbon, such as the announcement of the launch at the end of 2016 of the label (E+C- (or label energy carbon, favouring buildings with low carbon footprint). The construction timber should be naturally favoured by this turning point, this material stores naturally CO2. It is this wave that Swiss Krono France, manufacturer including wood panels for the building, wants to surf. “The regulation is evolving very fast, and our approach is in line with this perspective”, explained the management team of the company, at a press briefing at its facility in Sully-sur-Loire (Loiret), on July 5, 2017. Accordingly, the corporation did not skimp on the means in terms of investment, both to improve its production and productivity, but also to decrease the carbon footprint of its products.


Latest investment : the installation of a new écorceur, put into service in June 2017 on the line of production of panels and slabs OSB. Cost of the operation, 8.5 million euros. This new equipment is capable of integrating up to 50% of hardwood in the process ; however, the stand of trees in the Centre region is 80%, made up of deciduous trees. Swiss Krono is therefore now able to reduce its radius of supply, thus encouraging the short circuits. “We were going in a 200 km radius around the plant, now we have reduced the long distances”, explains the team leader. According to the company, the reduction of the environmental impact of the transport of matter is the equivalent of “fifteen laps of the world in a truck per year” (600.000 km) – it is important to know that 250 trucks transit every day in the factory.


“We are at the maximum of our productive capacity”


In parallel, the Swiss Krono France has secured certification to Iso 50001 “energy Management”. “We recover almost 90% of the bark of the logs, re-introduced into the boiler feed to the drying of wood”, explains Swiss Krono. “This technique allows you to limit the use of fossil fuels. The reclamation of wood waste covers 58% of the energy needs of the site.”


These investments are also being made to take advantage of economic recovery of the area, very noticeable in the last few months at Swiss Krono France. “We are at the maximum of our productive capacities”, says one of its officials. “We are investing to build on this momentum, to have more capabilities.” The visibility of the company is eight to twelve weeks, a much higher level in recent years. The next year, a new press will be installed to further accelerate the pace.


Swiss Krono France in figures


1 site of 60 Hectares in Sully-sur-Loire (Loiret)
400 employees on the site
171 000 000 € of turnover in 2016
In the world, five million m3 of production of wood-based products

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