Support to renewable energies : the european Commission authorizes three other plans

France will support the development of more than 17 GW of new capacities based on the small land-based wind farms, solar facilities and gas recovery water treatment plants. The european Commission has recently complete three devices using different. Details.
Brussels comes to allow France to use three aid schemes for renewable energies which will allow the development of projects with a cumulated power of 17,26 GW : a scheme for small installations of onshore wind turbines, a scheme for small solar installations, and one for the facilities using gas from purification plants of waste water.


The first of the three will have an estimated budget of one billion euros per year. It will increase the capacity to 15 GW over the next 10 years by paying a premium which will be added to the purchase price market. This additional remuneration will be aimed at operators of small wind farms, with less than 6 turbines with a unit capacity of 3 MW maximum. The second system, for photovoltaic in buildings, is addressed in the power plants of less than 100 kwp. They will benefit of a tariff for 20 years, and their compensation will be a function of their size and the economic model chosen, injection of the totality of the production in the network or consumption of a part. This is a 2.1 GW of projects which should be supported.


Support schemes for various technologies


Finally, the third plan provides for supporting the production of electricity from sewage sludge in treatment plants sewage. It is estimated that 160 MW could be realised, starting from small installations an individual power less than 1 MW. The european Commission says : “Even if the regime is also open to larger facilities, it should mainly relate to small installations“. Those with a capacity of 500 kW or more, will receive a premium which will be added to the price of the market for 20 years. Those of a lower power level, will benefit from the single tariff of purchase for the same length of time.


These three new measures are added to those already validated for small installations using biogas and small hydraulic. They have been appreciated by the Commission in the light of Eu rules on State aid for environmental protection and energy production, that require “limited recourse to public funds and the absence of overcompensation“. According to the report, the aid of French will help to increase the production of renewable, in accordance with the commitments taken, while limiting the distortions of competition.

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