Strengthening of the law SRU, say the new decrees

Two new decrees, issued may 7, 2017 in the Official Journal, to reinforce the application of the law SRU. They redefine the terms and conditions of territorial application of the device, fixed the thresholds of pressure of demand for social housing, and enhances the resources of the State in the face of common recalcitrant. Details.
The minister of Housing, Emmanuelle Cosse, has announced the publication of two decrees to “refocus the application of the law on Solidarity and Urban Renewal (SRU) in the municipalities where the needs are greatest” and “strengthening the capacity of the State in the face of common recalcitrant“. These texts entered into force the day after their publication


One of the decrees introduced a single indicator, the ratio of pressure on the demand for social housing. This will be measured from the national system of registration of the demand for social housing. “This ratio between number of applications and number of awards allows to determine the obligations SRU of commons, “says the ministry.


If the government intends to strengthen the conditions on the common where the demand is high, the text now provides for the exemption of the common “où the situation does not justify the development of a rental offer“. This exemption will be proposed by the intercommunal cooperation of the membership and after consultation with the prefect of the region and of the national commission on CCS. Three reasons will be able to : weakness of the demand pressure on social housing for municipalities belonging to a urban area of less than 30,000 inhabitants, lack of transport, constraints inconstructibilité. It should be noted that the list of cities of over 30,000 inhabitants, and the value of their ratio of tension on the demand for social housing is shown in the annex to the decree.


Strengthening the capacity of the State…


One of the decrees reinforces and redefines the conditions for the application of the act to develop the construction of social housing and thus to strengthen the means of the State, on the commons, refusing to apply the law. The decree allows the prefect to entrust the construction of social rental housing to a third party. “The financing of the operation is then partly borne by the municipality,” says the ministry.


He adds : “The two decrees come to re-evaluate the ceiling of this city contribution for it to be in link with the actual cost of the operations and facilitates the assembly. The terms of recovery by the prefect of this contribution, in case of obstruction of the common to pay, are also specified by the new regulatory provisions“.


Also bring more flexibility


Finally, to take account of the “efforts” of municipalities subject to the act CCSS, the texts also bring more flexibility in its application. Thus, the list of units that can be integrated to the inventory of social housing has changed. Are in particular added to this list the family land leased furnished for the benefit of the people of the travel and the accommodation of the private park that is the subject of a system of intermediation rental.


The text also expands the scope of the deductible expenses levies operated by the municipalities, taking now into account the costs of demolition, asbestos removal, expenses for the development of family land, and also broadens the conditions for taking into account the expenses of intermediation rental and re-finally, the ceilings thereof.

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