Solar energy at its zenith in the world, but the nadir in France

While the solar pv is installed at the head of the renewable energy world in the past year, in terms of capacity newly installed, the picture is less bright in the Hexagon : the volume connected in 2016 is the lowest observed since 2010. France Territory Solar book for his analysis.
The year 2016 was a “great year” at the global level for the photovoltaic, with 71 GW of additional power (compared to 51 GW in 2015). This renewable energy was the first source of electricity installed in the world, ahead of the onshore wind farm (51 GW). France-Territory of the Sun, which book his Observatory annual, says : “photovoltaic electricity is competitive in many countries, its cost became lower than that of other sources of electricity generation conventional or renewable“. However, the situation is not the same in France : with a 4th quarter “poor“, the volume connected in 2016 is finally the lowest since six years, with 550 MW.
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The wanderings of 2013-2014 have weighed


In the figures, the last quarter of last year amounted to 108 MW of connections, a level comparable to the three previous months. According to the data compiled by France Territory Solar (provided by Enedis, and TEN), the period was marked by a “new drop in the segment of domestic installations“, those whose power is less than 9 kW, “with a very low level, below 20 MW“. According to the Observatory, the increase in the number of installations in self-consumption without injecting (not accounted for by the managers of networks) could be an explanation. On the medium-sized roofs (power between 9 and 100 kW), the volume is on the rise, reaching between 15 and 20 MW. For large roofs (between 100 and 250 kW), the volume is decreasing, whereas on the very large roofs (250-1.000 kW), there has been no connection on the end of 2016. On the other hand, for large ground installations (above 1 MW), a certain recovery was recorded with 63 MW connected in a quarter. France Territory Solar analysis : “This low level of connections can be explained as the consequence of a policy of support uncertain and chaotic between 2013 and 2014, disrupting the cycle of development of projects“. The think-tank note of the difficulties of supply on the projects of the call for tenders CRE-2 and an implementation “slow and poor” as those of the CRE 3, with a drop-out rate of the order of 40 %.


Antoine Huard, the president of France Territory Solar, said : “This poor annual result is the result of structural elements such as the regulatory uncertainty experienced by the sector, the delayed publication of calls for tenders or of the winners, and perhaps the beginnings of the development of the consumption (…) more economic have led to a deferral of volumes in 2017, such as the difficulties of supply on the technology concentration, or problems of development of the modules for the award-winning projects between late 2015 and early 2016“.
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Towards recovery in 2017


The solar park French reached 6 GW of installed power to achieve the 6,33 GW in the fourth quarter. As for the queue, it has continued to increase, averaging to 2.2 GW, and focuses primarily on large roofs and installations larger than 1 MW. The stock is a little gutted, due to the low volume connected in 2016, but it is still 2 years of new capacity. On the whole the year 2016, the production of photovoltaic electricity in France has hedged approximately 1.7% of the gross consumption of the country. Depending on the season, this proportion ranged from a little less than 1 % in the first and last quarters, reaching 2.5% in spring and 2.9 % in summer. For the current year, Antoine Huard, concludes : “The year 2017 should see the connections of new projects to pick up again. According to our estimates, the bar 1 GW of new installations should be achieved“. The president of France Territory Solar account on a structural stability of support systems to sustain this momentum of recovery in the pv.

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