Slightly lower rate real estate loans in July 2017

According to the observatory Credit Housing/CSA published this Thursday, the interest rate real estate loans granted to individuals by banks in France have declined by a basis point, in the month of July of 2017, compared to the previous month. Details.
In July 2017, the rate of property loans in the competitive sector (excluding insurance and cost of collateral) amounted to 1.55% in average (1,62 % for the accession in the nine and 1.58 % for the accession in the former), points out, the August 3, 2017, the observatory Credit Housing/CSA. They have lost one basis point compared to June 2017.
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The rates are displayed at 1.65% for homeownership in the nine


“The lending rates in the competitive sector (all maturities combined) was 1.55% on average last month, compared to 1.56 percent in June”, also complete the study. For the of homeownership in the nine, they are displayed in July at 1.65%, compared to 1.58 per cent in the former.


“From December 2016, the rates have started to rise again but from April 2017, the rise has given way to a slow increase in rates, has found the observatory. And in July 2017, the rates have slightly declined”.
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“The rise in rates has, therefore, been of short duration and of low magnitude, as was already observed in 2013 and in 2015”, also provides the body. Compared to July 2016, the rate displayed, however, an increase of 2 basis points on the market of the nine, and 6 basis points on that of the former. Recall that in July 2017, the term of the loans amounted to 217 months in average (244 months to be a home in the new, 230 in the former).


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