Signature of a partnership between Housing French and Action Housing

Action Housing and group Housing French have committed themselves, on 13 July 2017, for “common responses to housing needs in the territories stretched”.
On July 13, 2017, Share Housing, and group Housing French have decided to advance hand in hand in regards to the need for housing in the taut areas. The two entities have signed a partnership to meet the housing need of the employees in the regions Ile-de-France, Auvergne, Rhône-Alpes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur and New Aquitaine.


By this agreement, the actors “decide to develop their partnership around a strong operational dynamics, at regional and national levels, by organizing the sharing of information on housing needs in the territories where they operate and focusing on the effectiveness of working relationships between teams to identify and mount operations”, one can read in a press release of 13 July 2017.


“This partnership confirms the dynamic development of our societies, in a context of strong increase of production (+ 22.6% in 2016)”, we are enlightened by Philippe Bry, chairman of the management board of Housing, French. “Our goal is to ensure a continuity of resources for the exercise of our public interest mission and to support the economic development of the territories.” For his part, Bruno Arbouet, managing director of Action Housing group, says “this partnership demonstrates through Action Housing Services our commitment to supporting fair and equitable manner the donor dynamics in favour of the housing of the employees and through Action Housing real Estate strengthen our bond of trust with a group leader”.

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