Shortage of polyurethane : a return to normal expected by the end of 2017

INDUSTRY. The national Union of polyurethanes (SNPU) has confirmed this Friday 30 June, that the shortage of MDI, a component essential to the manufacturing of this insulation, was still present, but that the situation was going to improve. Details.
After a first quarter of 2017 “on track” for the industry of the polyurethane, this momentum has been “broken“, said Hervé Fellmann, president of the national Union of polyurethanes (SNPU), on Friday 30 June 2017 during a press conference. At issue : the shortage of MDI, the raw material essential to the manufacture of the polyurethane. Two months later, the situation is back to normal ? “It is still present, but we are beginning to see the end of the tunnel“, has entrusted to Batiactu the president of the union. “In practical terms, unless new incident industrial, we hope to improve the availability after the summer and a return to the normal progressive for the last quarter of 2017, early 2018, “he announced.


To manage this shortage, the union recalls that it has chosen to communicate and to be transparent not to hide anything because “we believe that in times of crisis, it is necessary to inform the market and our customers, “says Hervé Fellmann. He adds : “throughout our progress, we have explained and demonstrated pedagogy. This has helped to raise the level of acceptance in the market compared to this situation, which is unprecedented both in its scale and in its brutality“.


Delivery times lengthened


Today, this shortage has consequences “primarily on the delivery times have continued to increase since the beginning of this crisis, “says the President of the SNPU. This is for two reasons. First of all because”there is a recovery in the building and therefore the demand is high“. Then,”because our customers have been informed and they have passed their orders with much anticipation. Today, therefore, we often order books which are very filled, time-consuming, which leads to construction delays“, he says. A situationthat is difficult for some of them“. He gives an example : “there is this summer a lot of projects related to the renovation of school facilities that were provided and that will need to be shifted“.


He adds that some customers “have decided to put their site out of the water by laying a vapour barrier and delaying the installation of the insulation and the sealing of the final later“.


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