Sheets statement of environmental need to be verified

PRACTICAL SHEET. Since 1 July 2017, any manufacturer making claims of an environmental nature on their products must provide a statement to the ad hoc verified by an independent third party. What is the approach ? The Alliance HQE-GBC and Afnor are the point.
At the time of the experiment (E+C-, the environmental assessment of products takes on its full meaning. Construction professionals must be able to rely “with confidence” on the data contained in the “Records of the environmental statement and health” (FDES) and other “environmental Profiles of the product” (PEP). In order to complete the legislation in force, it is now asked manufacturers using claims of an environmental nature on their products, do check out their FDES/ESP by an independent third party. Two audit programs are subsidized by the State, “FDES verified Inies” and “PEP ecopassport“, giving the right for the display of specific logos. Alliance HQE-GBC and Afnor (Association française de normalisation), which manage the database Inies, recall the different steps of such an audit.


What is a verification of the FDES/PIP ?


This is to ensure that the data contained in the FDES/PIP are consistent. Particular attention is paid to the format of their presentation, their clarity and the transparency of the information transmitted. The observance of the methodological rules of the life-cycle Analysis (LCA) will be scrutinized while the plausibility of the results and their representativeness in relation to the product, will also be verified. It is a documentary audit, to double exchanges with the editor of the environmental statement, which will ensure the validity of the documents.


Who are the auditors empowered ?


Applicants for this status must first pass an examination which is based on the requirements of ISO 14025, to ensure their competence, independence and the quality of their audits. They must justify the practice of LCA in the field of construction products or equipment, and the achievement of at least two FDES and PEP for families of different products in the past two years.
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Must contact the manufacturer to verify his card ?


There are, to this day, 23 auditors empowered by the program “FDES verified Inies” (including a number in organizations such as the CSTB, FCBA, or the Cerib) and 21 by the program “PEP ecopassport” (primarily among manufacturers such as Legrand, Delta Dore, Hager or Schneider Electric). The lists are available on the sites and

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