SGC Construction (as opposed to the account of the prevention

The branch construction of the SGC sets out to Batiactu the reasons for its rejection of the account of prevention, that will replace the account painfulness.
After the CFDT Construction and wood, it is the turn of the Federation of construction, wood furnishings of the CGT (FNSCBA-CGT) to express his anger following the announcement by Prime minister Edouard Philippe simplification of the account painfulness.


As a reminder, in the new account “prevention”, which will replace the previous account, the four criteria of hardship, which concern in particular the CONSTRUCTION industry, will not be covered : handling heavy loads, postures, mechanical vibrations and chemical risk. “If we share the idea that the device above was a ‘gas factory’, we cannot satisfy the withdrawal of all four of these criteria !”, storm Serge Pléchot, secretary-general of the FNSCBA-CGT, with Batiactu. “It is enshrined in black and white in an agreement for the CONSTRUCTION industry 2012 our trades are painful”, he recalls.


“We will win the battle of the street and in the companies”


The element objectionable to the union, is in particular the fact that the account of prevention pays employees only when they are recognized as sick. “So what to do, die at work or from the date of retirement ?”, quips Serge Pléchot. “In short, the Medef wins this part, but we will win one of the public opinion and this in the street and in the companies”, he warns.

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