Self-consumption and solar photovoltaic : the professionals optimistic

The new law giving the right to the self-consumption of electricity produced from solar panels for individuals is blowing a wind of optimism on the sector. Professionals see good prospects but, at the same time, do not lose sight of the need to better regulate the market. The body Qualifelec, for example, has announced it has strengthened its repository…
While the kick-off of the consumption in the photovoltaic solar sector has just been given to individuals, many professionals rub already the hands. This is notably the case of EDF which, with almost 1,700 photovoltaic kits installed in the space of a year, did not hesitate, a few days ago, to speak of a true revolution. The supplier hopes to also deploy the 3,000 new facilities by June 2018.


Runaway ? Precipitation ? Not if one believes the figures from a recent survey OpinionWay. It reveals that 47 % of the French would be willing to invest in a installation for self-consumption, including 10 % in two years. What you need to make optimistic the professionals of the sector about the development of the market for solar pv. Like Qualifelec, they multiply the initiatives in order both to better frame the work of professionals, and offer the individuals always more and more guarantees.

A repository that is more accurate for a certification more “high visibility”

Based on these figures and on the new legislative provisions in force, the certification body has announced that it has refined the repository of its qualifying SPV to create two new “clues.” “The index SP 1 for installations with a power less than or equal to 36 kWc” and “the index SP 2, the installations above 36 kwp”.


At the same time, the agency intends to better regulate the service “after-sales” of the installation. It provides now come to be a certification in relation to the maintenance, upkeep, and troubleshooting of solar pv installations. Called the “SP.MY”, it aims to “ensure the sustainability of the facility after commissioning”.


And Qualifelec specify : “the three indices SP1, SP2, and SP.MY can be obtained simultaneously or independently”.

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