Ségolène Royal is the recent announcements regarding renewable energy

The minister of the Environment announced the winners of the tenders for the solar on buildings, and small hydro. In front of many representatives of the renewable energy sources that have praised his voluntary action for 3 years, Ségolène Royal has also made other announcements. Check out which.
Ségolène Royal will work until the end, on the evening of may 7, 2017. The minister of the Environment was held on Thursday 27 April 2017, representatives of all sectors of renewable energy, to draw up a balance sheet of its actions and to reveal the names of the winning companies in two calls for tenders. At this meeting, she recalled that the production of renewable Energy had increased sharply in recent years, and that during the peak consumption in winter, they had compensated for the shutdown of some nuclear power plants for maintenance, providing the equivalent of the production of the six reactors. “This dynamic translates the energy transition, digital and professional, “she said. “All forms of energy must be mobilised“, according to the head, which has placedFrance at the forefront” with the support of industrial sectors.
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380 projects were selected for 177 MW of power


The minister has stepped up announcements : publication in the Official Journal of the decree in tariff for biomethane for the valuation joint biogas (both by injection on the network and electricity production), the publication of two decrees relating to marine energy (scale of compensation in case of exceeding the time limit of connection to the network plan and insurance facilities), publication of lists of winners for two tenders are different, on the one hand, the photovoltaics on the roof and, on the other hand, small hydropower. For the first of these 361 projects that were selected, for a total volume of 150 MW. They will see their electricity valued to the tune of the 106.7 €/MWh, to reflect the continuous decline of the price of solar energy. They will benefit from the new support device, the said “additional compensation”, which complements the revenue generated by the sale of common on the market by the payment of annual premiums covering the investments. Segolene Royal stresses that : “half of the laureates will be with a crowdfunding in order to develop the citizenship energy“. These students will enjoy a premium of 3 €/MWh. The list is available on the ministry’s website.


For the small hydro, 19 projects have been designated (four mills renovated to produce energy), for a power yet modest of 27 MW. Them-also will receive additional compensation : the weighted average price of their electricity will be of $ 112.4 €/MWh. Ségolène Royal has made it clear that this was a tender first experimental and announced in the trodden she launched a second wave, more important. In total, 105 MW will be awarded in three years (35 MW per period). The specification will be simplified for better visibility, and the first period ending January 31, 2018, with a request for pre-framing environmental necessarily addressed prior to August 14, 2017. This provisional calendar of calls for tender, for all the energies of the multi-annual Programming of energy, is very popular with professionals who now have a greater clarity to their projects.


Professionals greet unanimous the action of the minister


Daniel Bour, the president of the union Enerplan, said : “The photovoltaic system is past the fog to the light. The total lack of visibility at the tender CRE2, where the steps had lasted 13 months, to the current situation with CRE4 where they have been resolved in 5.5 months“. He paid tribute to the action conducted by the minister, praising “real consistency” of its policy anda regulatory work remarkable” in spite of the dialogues are sometimes difficult with the finance ministry, on the one side and Brussels on the other. “The sector, weakened in 2011 following the moratorium, had lost half of its membership. Today, she is recruiting again !“, he rejoiced in it. A reversal of the situation radical as the president of Enerplan is considering as an investment for the future. As the solar has a “capacity progression huge thanks to self-consumption and storage“. Arnaud Mine, president of Urbasolar adds : “Before, the professionals were to view, with 6 months of visibility. Today, there is a vision, multi-year, and a commitment from the State. Never seen that before“. It boasts, for its part, the change in the method of work with the department of the Environment, now with more dialogue and exchange, upstream : “The work done in common is fruitful, for the benefit of all“.
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Jean-Louis Bal, finally, the president of the Union of Renewable Energies, drew up a balance sheet of praise of the three years of ministerial action : “Simplification and visibility allow for innovation“. It welcomed the personal commitment of Ségolène Royal, and noting that no technology had been forgotten – not even on small hydropower – it has pointed to the “success of the heat Fund, a powerful tool despite the extremely low price of fossil fuels” and the “great diplomatic success of the COP21 in obtaining the ratification of the Paris Agreement with a speed record“. The representative of renewable energies has expressed the hope that the future government is embedded in the continuity of the action launched by the current minister. Several professionals concluded : “Madam minister, the road is still long : please, don’t go too far, or too long“.

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