Schüco takes on the challenge of innovation

Window that participates in the double-flow ventilation system, delaying the breaking or stopping the progression of the flames, entrance door connected… The German group, specializing in aluminum joinery and PVC, will present numerous innovations at the Batimat trade fair, which will be held in November. Discovery of the major trends of innovation with Jacques Llados, the general director of Schüco SCS, the French subsidiary.
Schüco is a family company that employs 4.700 people, including 300 in France. We are the specialists of the tailor-made as we adapt 150 products per year to the French request, “says from the outset, Jacques Llados, general director of Schüco SCS, a subsidiary of the German group, a specialist building envelope. “The company does a lot of research and development and testing. And it has a global supply of quality components, whether of sections or fittings exclusive“. An innovation strategy that leads to the formation of a wide range of solutions for frames, responding to the current issues : sustainable development, scanning, ease of use… Many of the innovations that will be presented on the grand stand of the brand at Batimat, from November 6 to 10, 2017.


Ventilation and indoor air quality


For Hamid Batoul, technical director, the first issue will be the quality of the indoor air. Hence the development of a panel of dedicated products. “As VentoLife, a new air purification system built-in joinery. It filters particles from the air and is based on an intelligent control that continuously measures four parameters : temperature, humidity, volatile organic compounds and particulate matter“. The control window is constantly the atmosphere of the housing by removing the intake air (outside and inside) of its harmful substances whose size is greater than 1 micron (including bacteria). “Even in case of peak pollution” provides the constructor, which claims an efficiency of 99.5 %. Other responses made by Schüco, solutions VentoAir and VentoFrame, ventilation-dehumidification integrated into the doors and the door frames, or VentoTherm and VentoTec, heat recovery. The latter “allows you to create a concept of hybrid ventilation, combined with a system of natural ventilation through the windows“, so VMC is decentralised. A product that would be particularly suited to premises requiring large air volumes, such as classrooms or meeting.


VentoLife © Schüco


Another important issue for consumers, the security of persons and property. Here, again, the German company is deploying a wide range of aluminium solutions. Slightly anxiety-provoking, Laurent Denoel, marketing director for Schüco, said that France is experiencing a fire starting every 2 minutes (263.000 fires per year) and a burglary every 90 seconds (approximately 380,000 break-ins per year!) Reasons for the company to increase the bids, with doors, windows, partitions and facades fire and flame which the resistors are guaranteed 30, 60, or 90 minutes, thanks to the incorporation of gels expansive special in the glazing and frame, is used to delay the fusion of materials that compose them. Similarly, for burglaries, the manufacturer reminds that it has joinery, delaying the break-in, certified RC4, and that it can install glazing bullet-proof-resistant to a shot from a .357 Magnum (FB4).


Digitization and automation


For accessibility issues, Schüco announcement of many of the innovations that make life easier for users, as the engine TipTronic Simply Smart, invisible and silent, or the systems of assistance to the opening (EasyOpener) or the closure (EasyCloser) that operate through countervailing duties. On the side of the access controls, the brand pulls out the blindfold interactive BlueControl, which allows you to use a smartphone as a key. The entrance door detects the device in BlueTooth mode and triggers the opening at his approach. In manual mode, the validation of this opening can be on the screen of the device or an AppleWatch. Like all the other locks are connected, the system allows you to trace the comings and goings, or allow a remote person to access the home (housekeeper, tenant Airbnb, etc).


Stand Batimat 2017 © Schüco

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The Batimat trade fair will be an opportunity to show that Schüco is responding to current issues : comfort, lifestyle, safety and the environment. Our goal : to facilitate and improve the quality of life in buildings, “concludes the director-general, Jacques Llados. For the occasion, the company will occupy a stand of 700 m2, a record for it. And a surface area just sufficient to present all of its innovations.


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