Savings budget : the government target Housing

Gérald Darmanin, minister of public Accounts, has announced that the housing was one of the sectors targeted by the decrease in costs in general, as desired by the government.
That will probably be very little appreciated by the professional federations of building and housing. The minister of public Accounts, Gérald Darmanin, just announced Thursday, July 20, to the deputies that “all the action reformist” government will focus in the coming months “on the improvement of the effectiveness of housing policies, vocational training and social intervention”. The tone had been given, on the 4th of July last, by the Prime minister Edouard Philippe, during his general policy speech.


“Most public expenditure does not mean more service rendered to the French”


The housing is a part, according to the government, of the “three public policies for which we spend more than our neighbors without improving the public services that have access to our fellow citizens”. “Most public expenditure does not mean more service rendered to the French, on the contrary, if one refers to the current situation”, said the minister.


The objective of public authorities is reduced from three points, the weight of public expenditure in the national wealth by the end of the quinquennium. “Thanks to this unprecedented effort, we can reduce to a point the weight of our mandatory payments and reduce both the deficit and the debt, respectively, two and five points”, he also said.


The act of the programming of public finances, five-year will be offered in the fall and “will set an objective of public expenditure all public administrations combined. Its compliance is dependent upon that of our european commitments in terms of reducing our structural deficit”, he said.

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