Sales of private land in the energy

EP, a start-up nantaise dedicated to the management of the accommodation, which offers Direct Energie private sales in the field of energy. Explanations.
We knew the private sales in the fashion, travel, diy, construction machinery, now, they extend to all sectors.


Since the 1st of April and until the end of the month of June, the EP, via the platform launches of private sales in the field of energy. In partnership with the provider, Direct Energy, it offers a private sale that includes two tenders, a so-called classic (- 10 % on the price per kWh exclusive of vat) and the other so-called green (- 7 % on the price per kWh exclusive of vat). All based on 100 % renewable energy electricity (wind and solar), and 10% of biogas in French.


On the platform, one can read “this offer offers you a energy (gas or electricity) is less expensive than the offers at regulated rate of historical providers (EDF and ENGIE), and less expensive than most comparable offers in the market.”


The offer also includes eco-tips and an energy assessment free of charge. “As a facilitator at the service of the habitat, it is clear that a tender be negotiated to attract the attention of individuals on a topic of concern because the savings are visible very quickly”, explains Yann Person, co-founder of EP. And to add : “But again it is only a first step, make no mistake ! Unlike other providers, we want to go further and accompany the individual in a holistic approach that will allow him to reduce up to 40 % of its invoice for energy”.


The price offered by Direct Energy are indexed to the Regulated Tariffs of Sale (TRV) without limit of time.


With this operation, the EP wants to, of course, the experience of the individual, such as the platform which accompanies them in their work, but also raise awareness on energy savings related to renewables.

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