Saint-Gobain and BNP Paribas Real estate, victims of a virus

The French industrial construction, and the subsidiary real estate BNP Paribas were among the major French victims of the virus Petya, who has reigned since June 27, on a global scale. A gradual return to normal would be in the course.
Saint-Gobain has been one of the first French victims of the virus, Petya, launched on 27 June 2017. The cyber-attack has affected many other French groups, among which the SNCF or Auchan, if one believes of The World.


A little after noon, on the 27th of June, instruction has been given to the employees of the French company off their computer. Twenty-four hours after, many devices have still not been turned back on so as to “isolate” the computer system in the meantime that stops the virus attack. According to The World, however, a “gradual return to normal” is in progress within the group. “The unit of production has not been affected, the customers are served.” The site of Saint-Gobain was either operational, Wednesday, 28, at noon.


According to the daily, evening, subsidiary real estate BNP Paribas is also one of the victims of the virus attack.

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