RSI removed, an act for the Accommodation : the Prime minister’s announcements

POLICY. During his general policy speech to the national Assembly, on July 4, 2017, the Prime minister Edouard Philippe gave the broad lines of its policy and égréné many ads. Among them, the deletion of the IHR in 2018, and the launch in the autumn a plan for Housing. Details.
The Prime minister Edouard Philippe gave his general policy speech on 4 July at the national Assembly. The opportunity to discuss all the subjects on which his government is involved in, including a large number for the sector of the real estate and housing. Batiactu offers you a concentrate of the main ads in our sector.


A plan for housing in the fall


An act to simplify the procedures for the construction of new housing is planned for the fall of 2018. It will affect the pools of employment in the most dynamic. “Procedures for a building permit will be accelerated, the use of abusive punished”, said the Prime minister. “The need, particularly in the taut areas, building permits will be transferred from the municipalities to inter-municipal associations to ensure that the decisions to build are taken to the scale of the basins of life”, he also said.


To a reduction of the housing assistance ?


Edouard Philippe, referring to the fiscal situation deteriorated in France, has left a lingering doubt over the housing subsidies, reminiscent of a gap between the level of expenditure that they represent and their effectiveness concrete. A passage that may not please the federations of the real estate and building, which often insist on the practical effectiveness and economic of this type of aid.


Deletion of the IHR


At the moment the RSI was in the process of electing its new president, the Prime minister confirmed the removal of the body to 1 January 2018. It will be backed by the general plan. More information found in our article.


Plan future investments of 50 billion euros


Edouard Philippe was in charge Jean Pisani-Ferry, an economist close to Emmanuel Macron, design and direct a plan of future investments of 50 billion euros. It will finance the energy transition and transportation. Perhaps it is through this fund that the government will fund building renovation to “remove the strainers thermal”.


Transformation of the CICE down loads


Another promise of Emmanuel Macron during the campaign. The tax Credit competitive employment (CICE) will be transformed into a decrease in salary costs through a targeted increase of the CSG. This measure shall enter into force on January 1, 2019. “This decline represents € 250 per month at the Smic level”, said Edouard Philippe. The Prime minister has also announced a reduction in charges to levels close to the legal Minimum wage.


Decline of the corporate tax


Tax on companies will, by 2022, 25% (33% today).


Reform of the Tax on wealth (ISF)


The ISF will be backed only to the “fortune estate”, effective January 1, 2019. This measure is hard to swallow with real estate professionals, who see it as a stigma of their sector.


Law of orientation on the mobility


As announced by Emmanuel Macron at the inauguration of the LGV Paris-Rennes, the government will establish a law of orientation on the mobility. The Prime minister said that we were no longer at the “time of large infrastructures”, and that it was now important to work on mobility daily.


And also :


– A “redesign of the learning” for October 2018 ;
– Installation of high speed broadband on the whole territory by 2022 ;
– Strong measures, announced soon, to improve the attractiveness of Paris ;
– Development of marine energy ;
– Reform of the directive secondment to the european level.

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