RSI : changes in the calculation of benefits paid

A decree published in the Official Journal modifies certain rules relating to the benefits paid in case of sickness and maternity insured persons of the RSI. Some of the provisions of this text are applicable to the 1st of may.
A decree published on the 25th April 2017 at the Official Journal, makes changes to certain rules relating to cash benefits paid in case of illness and maternity benefits to insured persons in the social plan of independents (RSI). Certain provisions of the decree, concerning the daily subsistence allowances allocated in the event of a resumption of part-time work for therapeutic reasons, are in force as of may 1, 2017.
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This text “proceeds to the amendment of the rules relating to waiting periods for the payment of daily allowances in case of accident or illness” and “precise modalities of calculation of daily allowance when the work stoppage is prolonged, or where a stoppage of work for a new condition or a new accident, without recovery of the work from the first stop“.


This decreealso lays down the modalities for the calculation of the daily allowance and the maximum duration of payment of compensation in case of resumption of work in part-time therapeutic” and “also introduces a condition for entitlement to the benefits under the maternity benefits for the insured persons of the social plan of independents“.
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