Rigour and transparency to the new palais de justice, Limoges

UNIQUE. Inaugurated, on February 17, 2017, by the ex-minister of Justice, Jean-Jacques Urvoas, the cité judiciaire de Limoges, conducted by the agency Nicolas Michelin & Associés displays the rigor of a “place of major importance”. She says also with a fine awning is 14 metres high, which rests only on two walls in the square !
A square, an immense awning is 14 metres high and a canopy for the entrance hall… For the development of their first court, the three partners of the agency Nicolas Michelin & Associés – Nicolas Michelin, Cyril Trétout and Michel Delplace – believe they have transformed “radically” the image of the buildings of justice. These have been especially designed in October 2015, the “Pentagon French”, the new ministry of Defence and the Etats-majors of the army in the 15th of Paris.


Until the delivery of the new building in December 2016, the services of the Court of first Instance, the Tribunal de grande instance and the Tribunal de commerce de Limoges were scattered on several sites. Now, the new City court moved into the fabric-faubourien of the prefecture of Haute-Vienne.


“This is the justice that rises to get the person in a fully” white, Cyril Trétout, partner of the agency ANMA.
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“Here, it is a dimension of regal, we have worked on a classical building : a canopy formed by a cantilever of which one does not see the structure, explains Cyril Trétout, one of the three partners of the agency Nicolas Michelin & Associates. This is the justice that rises to get the person in a fully white. In addition, the neutrality is important to translate in a building from the time of Justice has not considered and has not given his award !”


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