Richard Ferrand, in charge of the Cohesion of territories

APPOINTMENT. Richard Ferrand is the head of the ministry of territorial Cohesion, which will cover in particular the areas of Housing and the policy of the City.
Richard Ferrand, secretary general of the movement, Running !, is appointed on Wednesday, minister of territorial Cohesion. Its portfolio will cover the issues of Housing and City policy.


Fellow of Emmanuel Macron, their paths crossed on October 3, 2014 : Richard Ferrand, mp PS of Finistère, is then appointed temporary mission alongside Emmanuel Macron, minister of Economy, in the framework of the reform of the professions regulated by the law and health. Appointed in the summer of 2015, general rapporteur of the law Macron for the Growth, Activity and Equal economic opportunities, Richard Ferrand was then the first mp to join the movement In motion ! since its creation, in April 2016. Born in 1962 in Rodez in the Aveyron, Richard Ferrand began his professional career as a freelance journalist after studying German and law at the university Toulouse I-Capitole, and Paris-Descartes. From 1988 to 1990, the Aveyron, becomes deputy director of a graphic design agency of the press, and then creates a communication consulting firm. Member of the socialist Party at the age of 18 years, it is from 1991 that he made his first steps in politics by joining the cabinet of Kofi Yamgnane, secretary of State for social Affairs and Integration of François Mitterrand. It will eventually become his special adviser.


Elected in the Finistère in 2012


Subsequently, Richard Ferrand moved to Hanvec (Finistère) and focuses on the case of the Mutual societies of Britain, as he manages to recover during his time as director, in 1998. Elected general councillor of Carhaix, re-elected in 2004, he is responsible for the insertion, of the social and solidarity economy. He rose to the rank of counsellor general of Britain in 2010, at the side of the man who would become the minister of Defence, François Hollande, Jean-Yves Le Drian. Elected deputy for the sixth district of Finistère in 2012 after a setback in 2007, he then became a member of the Socialist group, Radical and Citizen and is a member of the social affairs committee of the national Assembly.


Now minister, Richard Ferrand therefore would not be candidate in legislative elections in his constituency, as he had previously announced.
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