Research in architecture and landscape : who are the 10 winners ?

The Caisse des Dépôts have announced the 10 winning projects of its second call for applications for the research in architecture and landscape.
Launched in early 2017, the second call for application “research in architecture and landscape” comes to designate this August 3, 2017 the 10 winning projects from among the 48 received. As a reminder, this call was open to students of school of architecture and landscape, teachers and professionals who will be able to carry out their research on the 4 transitions : an ecological and energy, digital, demographic and territorial.


To elect the winners, the jury, composed of academics, professionals and public authorities, is attached “to select projects that illustrate each of the transitions, as well as different backgrounds offering an approach that combines research and field“. The members of the jury praised “the risk-taking of some cases original study, team work, and the potential replicability of the projects“. “By the quality of their proposals, the applicants undertake to renew practices and to take into account the new challenges of our society. Through its support, the Caisse des Dépôts is mobilising to support the innovative nature of these projects which reflect the concerns of a new generation of architects and landscape architects, “said Pierre-René Lemas, ceo of Caisse des Dépôts group when the designation of the winners.


Bringing together academic research and professional practice


In a press release, the Caisse des Dépôts recalls that the combination of academic research and professional practice is a priority. From September 2017, these 10 award-winning projects “will begin or continue the implementation of their research work, which will take the form of academic thesis or a habilitation to supervise research, is the form prospective a study report on the experimental projects“, indicates the institution.


It also states that it “provides researchers with an annual grant of€ 15,000, renewable up to 3 years” and that “each year, the applicants undertake to present the progress of their projects, which will condition the renewal of this envelope“.

The 10 winners of the call for project


Victor Fraigneau (ENSA Paris-la-Villette) Architecture – olfactory potential, practical as theoretical, of the sense of smell in architecture – phd thesis
Maud Nÿs (ENSA Versailles) Architects in the making : project with the temporal dimension of practice – thesis phd
Thomas Beillouin (ENSA Marne la Vallée) planning strategies in the event of coastal erosion. The emergence of new tools in the confrontation, public / private – phd thesis
Pierre-Antoine Chabriac, Frank The Lease and Rachid Kaddour (ENSA Saint-Etienne) The materials of construction in the territories of post-industrial Architecture in clinker – professional project
Philippe Hilaire (ENSA Paris-la-Villette) Greening the landscape or landscaped environment ? The professional practice of landscape architects in the face of the ecological transition and territorial – thesis of habilitation to supervise research
Aurélien Ramos (ENSA Paris Val de Seine), Gardening and manufacturing of the city : anatomy of an urban phenomenon in a situation of environmental crisis – phd thesis
Stéphane Bonzani, Marc-Antoine Durand and Simon Teyssou (ENSA Clermont-Ferrand) Has the research of the territories as possible. Resistors, initialités. Archaic – professional project
Christophe Hutin and Marion how ’ s about (ENSA Toulouse) Architecture augmented, strategy for new uses, pragmatism, and public action for a sustainable city – phd thesis
Inès Hubert (Agrocampus Ouest) The landscape as a lever of land use planning préalpins and alpine ? Comparison of municipalities of the metropolitan areas, Grenoble and Innsbruck – doctoral thesis
Zhu Hong (ENSP Versailles) Role and evolution projects of landscape in the framework of the rehabilitation of polluted industrial sites of the valley of the Seine – doctoral thesis

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