“Renovate together” an association for the small collective and the individual houses

XPAIR. The State and the communities have put in place financial incentives for the energy renovation of buildings, but the expected results are not there when it comes to renovation of small buildings and detached houses. Apart from the financial aspect, and the inadequacy of the professional package, is also problematic. The association Renovate All is born from this lack.
Josephine Ledoux, associate director of will get Council, a desk study thermal returns for XPAir (Batiactu group) on the genesis of the association “Renovate together”, which has a dozen members, contractors, and construction companies involved in energy efficiency. It brings together diverse skills : thermal studies, control of work fluids and built environment, financial engineering, architecture, insulation, carpentry, electricity… “will get Council well knew the program Effilogis conducted by the region of Franche-Comté“, she says. “In fact, the region is subsidizing through this program of technical projects and ambitious (BBC Renovation) which include a mandatory specialist engineering”. In a first step, an energy audit funded by the region is carried out prior to a project management assistance (AMO) co-ordinates the work. “In the absence of engineering and project management, a project initially ambitious are in the end stripped and scaled down, “notes the specialist, which is reminiscent of the frequently encountered problems : lack of dialogue between the bodies of state resulting in poor workmanship, delays, drifts budget…


The associate director of will get Board details the benefits brought by this combination to its clients : “The work of a better quality and an evolution in its know-how. In the first place, all members of the group are EGR which guarantees…”.


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  • A study of x-ray projects related to the renovation of housing
  • Yes, the aid for the renovation are incentives, according to the ministry of Housing

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