Renewable electricity covers about 20 % of the French consumption

Renewable energy sources continue their progression : they have covered, on average, 19 % of the electricity consumption in France over the last 12 months. Parks installed has not ceased to grow and reach 90 % of the targets set for 2018. Inventory.
The operators of transmission and distribution of electricity (RTE, Enedis, ADEeF) are formal : the renewable energy progress. In their overview of renewable electricity, they announce that these sources contributed 19 % to the coverage of the current consumption in France over the last 12 months (and 18 % in the first quarter of 2017). In the first three months of the year, the national park has increased by +462 MW, carried by the wind and, to a lesser extent, by the pv, which brings the total to +2.370 MW in a year. The total power from renewables in France is established now to 46.4 GW, which represents 90 % of the goal set by the multi-annual Programming of energy (EPP) for the year 2018.
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In more detail, the wind farm dominates the skyline. The turbines now account for over 12.1 GW of installed power, with +380 MW connected to the the first quarter. The production, which is dependent on weather conditions and availability of machinery, is in decline compared to the previous year, with 20 TWh (-14 %), which represents 4.1 % of the electrical consumption of france.


Fall Production to hydropower, up for bioenergy


For its part, the photovoltaic solar farm exceeds the 6.8 GW of power, with a slight increase of +81 MW in the first three months of the year. Network managers note that the connections have slowed down, compared to the previous period, but that this trend should reverse in the course of 2017, “with the connection of the winning projects of the calls for tenders launched in November 2014 and march 2015“. Over 12 months, the production was 8.5 TWh (+12 %), which allows the solar electricity to cover 1.8% of the national consumption. The experts underline that the pace of the connection will have to be drastically increased (multiplied by 4) in order to reach the goal for 2018 set by the EPP.
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Last-born, the sector of bioenergy power was, at the end of march 2017, a power of 1.9 GW, of which 4 MW connected on the last quarter. The production of this set amounted to 6.6 TWh (+6.1 per cent), bringing these energies to cover 1.4% of the country’s electricity consumption. The panorama highlights the achievement, in advance, of the objectives of the EPP 2018 by the wood energy sector.


As a veteran of the parks renewable, hydroelectric dams, it remained stable at 25,47 GW of power has been established for many years. Its production, which is the result of winter precipitation, is in sharp decline compared to the beginning of 2016 : only 14,8 TWh (-18 %). A level of low production, which “reflects a conditions water adverse“. Hydropower covers between 10.3 and 11.6% of the national consumption.

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