“Reinventing the Seine river” : who are the winners in Paris ?

CONTEST. The City of Paris, the urban areas of Rouen and le Havre Haropa – Port of Paris Seine Normandy, unveiled on Wednesday 19 July 2017 the results of the call for projects “Reinvent the Seine” at the end of which twenty winners have been named. After having discovered those of le Havre and Rouen in the Seine-Maritime, Batiactu offers the first prospects of the sites in paris and ile-de-france.
After “Reinventing Paris”, the idea of the call to projects “re-invent the Seine” continues to make his way between the capital city and two regional cities, Rouen and Le Havre. All of the winners of the “Reinvent The Seine” has been unveiled on 19 July 2017. Recall as well as 72 teams were selected in the final in January 2017 of the 174 agencies from around the world.
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From 35 sites identified in march 2016 and the 72 projects were studied by panels of experts, partners and elected officials, “this cross-disciplinary approach has clearly demonstrated the keen interest of architects, urban planners, artists, start-ups, developers, actors in the CONSTRUCTION industry, to the territories around the river Seine”, point to the three communities in Paris, Le Havre and Rouen in a news release. The goal is to”invent new ways of living on and at the water’s edge.”


The Workshop of the Arsenal, the 12th in Paris/ Holder of the project : REI real Estate Development © laisné roussel, and SO-HE (Weiss images)

The icing on the cake : An exhibition at the Pavillon of the Arsenal until September 3, 2017


And to expose all of the results of this initiative, to Reinvent the Seine will be as soon as this Friday, July 21 until September 3, an exhibition at the Pavillon de l’arsenal. The opportunity to discover the projects that are the most daunting, and especially, the face of a river could be beautified, if Paris gets the olympic Games for 2024 !
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After having devoted the first appointment this July 20, dedicated to the projects of le Havre and Rouen, discover, as soon as the page 2, the winners of the parisians along the last 365 kilometres of the river Seine.


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