Reinventing Paris : the town hall “stunned” to prepare his response

JUSTICE. In the wake of the decision of the administrative court to cancel the jury’s choice to Reinvent Paris on the project “Star Voltaire” is located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, the city of Paris explains to Batiactu why she plans to fight back in the next few days.
Unveiled with great fanfare, on the occasion of the launching of “Reinventing Paris”, February 3, 2016, by the mayor of the capital, the winning project in the East of paris, “Star Voltaire”, would he have taken the lead in the wing ?


While the teams of the group* working hard since the designation of the jury on February 3, 2016 to deliver the programme of redevelopment of the sub-station Voltaire in 2019, the Paris administrative court has decided otherwise, the June 14, 2017. in fact, the facade of the building is the subject of a protection city of Paris. Facade that, according to the association, would be impacted by the project.


“The City has not respected the procedure it had itself fixed for the assignment of the file”, pleads the defence of the association “14, avenue Parmentier”. According to their argument, “the international jury had to choose the final project was not international.”


The city of Paris ready to drop “soon” an application for stay of execution


A position to this day, 19 July 2017, still “incomprehensible” for the teams of the deputy mayor in charge of Urban planning, Jean-Louis Missika. “Our teams are still thunderstruck by the announcement of the decision of the administrative tribunal,which entrusts to us the circle of the elect of paris. Without any doubt, the legal services branch of the City believes that there is a parsing error and intends to react very quickly in the next few days.” Ordered to pay 5,000 euros to the association of local residents, the city of Paris would be already-and-already ready to drop “soon” a request for a stay of execution.


Before well to remember that “the court has studied the regulations of the call for proposals, without taking into account the amendments which have yet been filed in time.” In addition, the organizer of the call for projects remember well, an addendum to the settlement was built on February 26, 2015, regarding the composition of the international jury, that is to say, well ahead of the launch of the contest, ” he continued.


As to the thorny subject of the raising in Paris, “Jean-Louis Missika repeat, this is something that is removable on the roof of the building. When the TA of Paris, they speak of cant, they pretend to confuse a permanent establishment, and installation of removable.” On this subject, the city of Paris would be ready to discuss it with the association of local residents.


According to the same source close to the dossier at the mairie de Paris, “the first fight on the legal call for project Reinvent Paris is essential for the program to ‘Star Voltaire’ in the 11th district can move forward.”


The city hall of Paris, trusting to the course of the 21 other calls for projects
According to the mayor, also, “in any case, this decision does not call into question the 21 other projects (editor’s Note : 23 to the origin) validated within the framework of Reinventing Paris”. Except if opponents to one of them decided to turn to question the procedure… One thing is for sure : this first court decision causes “initial concerns” with the project holders, architects, developers-developers – recognizing that appeals would be filed in the coming months.
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*The grouping of Star Voltaire is composed by the following teams : Olivier Palatre Architects / Atelier Roberta / Société des Réalisateurs de Films / Voltaire and Company / La Bellevilloise / Franck Boutté Consultants / T/E/S/S / Peutz / Casso&Associés / Atelier Roberta / Demathieu&Bard.


Read here the rules of “Reinventing Paris”.

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