Refrigerants : an order that could trigger work

A decree relating to refrigerants reduces to four days the period of time during which an equipment can be used, when a gas leak in the greenhouse effect of fluoride was detected.
A decree of 19 April 2017 has changed February 29, 2016 “on certain refrigerants, and gases fluorinated greenhouse gases”. The new text lays down to four days the period of time during which an equipment on which was found a gas leak in the fluorinated greenhouse may continue to be used. In this period, measures need to be implemented to stop the leak or, in default, the equipment must be shut down and drained. These provisions will come into force on July 1, 2017.


“If the equipment is composed of several circuits, the circuits or parts of circuits in which no leakage has been detected may remain in service”, notes the text. However, all of these provisions are not applicable “if the shutdown of the equipment is of a nature to prejudice the security or safety of operating installations classified for the protection of the environment or of nuclear installations”.


“We hope that these provisions will encourage operators to maintain their facilities”


“In principle, the manufacturers that we represent are in favour of this text, which provides a fast response by professionals to repair or stop the installations fuyardes and avoid the release of greenhouse gas emissions”, responded the organization Uniclima from Batiactu. “We hope that these provisions, which require, however, the remarks of some of the professions are grouped in the AFCE, will encourage operators and owners to maintain their facilities and to repair them in case of any leaks observed.”

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