Reform of the work detached : building professionals behind Macron

DECRYPTION. Emmanuel Macron began on 23 August with a european tour to defend the strengthening of the directive on the work posted. His task will be difficult for him to accept his new measures. Measures however very expected by the professionals of the French building.
For three days, from August 23 to 25, Emmanuel Macron will be in Austria, Romania and Bulgaria to discuss with his counterparts in the revision of the directive on the work posted. The head of State will try to convince them. Up to now, the countries of eastern Europe are opposed to worrying in particular for the freedom of movement of their workers. But time is running out. Estonia, who is at the head of the presidency of the Union until December, must propose a compromise text by September. The French president will have to convince recalcitrant countries before the end of the year. In fact, the presidency of the Union will be insured by Bulgaria, which is, for the time being, opposed to this revision.
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The professional organisations of the building mobilized


France hopes that the member States agree on the compromise, validate measures to put an end to unfair practices. Measures also eagerly awaited by professionals in the building and that “going in the right direction“, to Patrick Liébus, president of Capeb. And even if “this is not the system of the work posted which is a problem” but “fraud“, according to Jacques Chanut, President of the FFB, changes of the directive should be carried out.


The president of Capeb, who has entrusted to us will be maintained in this August 22, with the Palace about it, says it is satisfied with the measures that will be defended by the head of State to start by the decline of the possible duration of a secondment in a country. While it is 36 months currently, the european Union proposes to move to 24 and France to a maximum of 12 months, such as “Capeb claims“, welcomes Patrick Liébus, who also defends this folder as the president of the European Builders Confederation.


Has equal qualifications, equal pay


Among the proposals is the issue of equal pay. “Since we may not require to apply the same charges within the Union, it will be proposed to give the same rights to salary, “says Patrick Liébus. Thus, the compensation should correspond to that applied in France according to the qualification sought. A construction manager will not be paid the minimum wage (smic).


And France wants to go further, says Patrick Liébus. Thus, it is our wish that the premiums are paid to the companions to pay their housing, their transportation and their food, without it having to be removed from their salary. “This will push up the cost of labour and detached, “he also noted.


For Jacques Chanut, there are two types of frauds : the non-reporting and the other “more devious“, which is to declare employees, but without respect the social rule of hygiene and safety. “Those who are reported for 35 hours and sometimes working up to 70 hours per week and without the respect of rules in terms of working conditions,” does it give as an example. The non-compliance of these terms and conditions is found to be ineligible for Patrick Liébus which considers “normal” that France would be intransigent on this issue is “the country of Human rights“. He adds that “the countries concerned need to think about the conditions in which their fellow citizens“. Jacques Chanut believes that a work is to be carried out in France to make understand to the owners that these foreign workers are sometimes exploited.


Step up controls


And even if the implementation of the map CONSTRUCTION “easier controls” and that it, therefore, becomes more “difficult not to account for a speaker“, of other types of abuse exist laments Jacques Chanut. To combat this, the two leaders advocate for more controls “day, night, and even on the weekend“. They say that they are also favorable to the removal of the detachment in the interim, “a way too easy to twist the law, “said Patrick Liébus.
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The last point in the viewfinder of the two professionals in the building sector : the companies mailbox. For Jacques Chanut, it is necessary to ensure that they have an activity in their country and suggests that their missions abroad do not exceed a percentage of their turnover.


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