Redesign of the IHR : proposed by Macron and Pen ?

PRESIDENTIAL 2017. Proposed by Emmanuel Macron, and Marine le Pen in The matter of reform of the social Regime of independent (RSI) ? Discover-the.
What are the priority measures that building professionals look to the future occupant of the Elysee ? More than 1,200 CONSTRUCTION professionals responded to this question in the framework of the exclusive survey, Batiactu on the presidential 2017.


For 34% of them, it is the reform of the social plan of independents (RSI). This is why we offer you, a few days before the second round of the election, an overview of the proposals, in the matter of the last two candidates in contention.


Discover in the following pages, the proposals for Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron on the social regime of independent.
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