Real estate : the record prices of 2012 soon to be sprayed in Paris

By June 2017, the average price of m2 in Paris, in the former, could reach up to 8.700 euros. The record for 2012 would be exceeded for 240 euros.
The average price per m2 of old housing in Paris could approach 8.700 euros in June, 240 euros more than the previous record of 2012, representing an annual increase of 7%, according to the notaries of the Ile-de-France.


“Paris continues to show price changes the fastest, pulling up the whole market”, observe the notaries of the region in a note published may 2, 2017. Thus, at the end of February, the price per m2 of apartments old rose 5.2% year on year in the capital, to settle at 8.430€, and the notaries are waiting for “a further strengthening of the upward trend in the coming months”. In view of the pre-sale contracts registered by notaries from Île-de-France, the average price per m2 of old housing in Paris might as well be in the neighbourhood of 8.700 euros in the month of June, registering an annual increase of 7%.


240 euros more, compared to the record of 2012


The record achieved in 2012 would be higher than 240 euros, calculate the notaries. In the suburbs of paris, the price growth should be more moderate between now and June : it would be +2.8% for the small crown and +2.7% in average in large crown, for the apartments, according to the pre-contracts. Home prices, meanwhile, would rise from his side of 2.6% in June. In the Île-de-France, at the end of February, prices have already increased, compared to February 2016, from 3.8% for apartments, 5.460 € / m2, and 1.99% for houses, with an average price of 293.700€, say the notaries.

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