Read “First steps in BIM,” Annalisa De Maestri

In 100 pages, the director of an office of technical studies, specialized in BIM, Annalisa De Maestri, provides guidance to the field for the stakeholders of a construction project. It responds to the basic questions and removes a brake on the use of the digital mock-up, which will tend to impose itself in the future.
BIM – Building Information Modeling – is a process of information exchange around a virtual model of a building, existing or proposed, which uses a set of technological tools recent. This is to create a database of collective in which the different professionals involved can converge to the information of each product so that they can be exploited by all the others. Beyond this issue of information production, it is necessary to the coordination of the whole and of the continuous update, since the phases of design up to the technical management of the building in the operation phase.
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Annalisa De Maestri, a founding member of the association BIM France, is an engineer and architect. She also teaches at the ESTP. The manual she signed, compact and practical, summed up in a hundred pages, the answers to the questions posed by the actors of the building facing the digitisation of their business : “Why move to BIM ?”, “How to model ?”, “Who is in charge of the process ?”, “How to start the approach that is best suited to your needs ?”… The book, which belongs to the collection “White ” BTP”, is published by editions Eyrolles & Afnor.

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