Qualitel launched its prototype of book digital of the building

EXPERIMENTATION. The association Qualitel is one of the twelve winners of the call for projects on the book digital monitoring and maintenance of the housing. It has just launched its prototype. Bertrand Leclercq, director of digital strategy, tells us more about this test phase.
The book digital the building became, by the law of energy transition, which is mandatory for all new buildings whose building permit was filed after January 1, 2017 (for existing, we speak of 2025 for all dwellings subject to a mutation). But its precise contours are not yet known. Twelve actors were selected, in December 2016, to start an experiment on the topic – today, it is more than eleven. The application decrees will be drafted when the public authorities will be able to benefit from the experience of these different actors.


Among them, Qualitel, which has announced that its prototype book digital of the building had just been launched, developed in collaboration with the Caisse des Dépôts, the higher Council of the notariat, the SMA and the Post office.


“Today, 150 books are assets in private housing, collective and individual,”explains Bertrand Leclercq, director of digital strategy at Qualitel. Agreements were made with developers to carry out this experiment. “We have developed two main tools : a website and a mobile application.” They allow the users to have access to the documentation regarding the building (technical diagnostics, proceedings of general meetings, accounts, etc.). But also to receive alerts by email, SMS, or notifications, enabling them to better manage and promote their property (for example, to best ensure the maintenance of a boiler). “We can imagine that in the future housing that will be a good book will be better valued”, explains Bertrand Leclercq. “Because this device allows for a traceability of the maintenance of the house.”


Objective : to become an operator key book digital


Other tools are in the development phase, in particular, to connect the inhabitants and professionals of the construction. “We are testing the interest of the consumer for this service. We do not have a vocation to re-develop tools that already exist, and we meet many players and start-ups that are in this niche, such as Inch or Citylity”, explains Bertrand Leclercq. To participate in this experiment allows Qualitel to consider becoming an operator of a major segment of the book digital, also called the book of health of the building. Like the other participants in the experiment, the association shall provide the end of 2017, a report to the national Plan for digital transition of the building (UTP).


The first returns of the inhabitants seem to be positive, to believe in Bertrand Leclercq. “They appreciate the side ergonomics of the application. But it is voluntary. Is it that in real conditions the people will rush on the book of the building ? Especially if some services are to be paid ?”, is request, however the responsible. To make the scheme attractive, it must ensure that it is used by the largest number of actors, trustee, inhabitants, as well as “the plumber’s corner”, explains Bertrand Leclercq, who hoped that the famous decrees will be published in the second quarter of 2018.

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