Qualibat simplifies the nomenclature for qualifications of photovoltaic

In order to take advantage of the changing regulation on the terms and conditions of purchase of electricity of photovoltaic origin, Qualibat simplifies the nomenclature of their qualifications, reducing their number from seven to two. Details.
The association Qualibat is launched in a grand project of the simplification of the nomenclature of which the application is expected by year-end 2017. It intends in particular to support the regulatory developments around solar energy, and in particular the decree of may 9, 2017, stipulating the conditions for purchase of electricity produced by installations located on buildings of which the power is less than or equal to 100 kwp. The latter stipulates that in order to benefit from the purchase tariff, the pv panels must be installed by a qualified professional. However, the nomenclature Qualibat distinguished seven qualifications distinct according to the technologies used. An unnecessary level of complexity which is now replaced by two unique skills, for which the classification no longer depends on the power.


The qualification “5911photovoltaic Installations with a power less than 250 kwp” will be aimed at companies that are studying and realize the supply and the installation of facilities on a building. It thus makes it possible to realize smaller power installations lower than 100 kwp, referred to by the new ordinance. On the other hand, the second qualification,”5912photovoltaic Installations with a power greater than 250 kWc, aimed, therefore, to companies who work on larger-scale projects, does not allow clients to benefit from the purchase conditions set by the decree of 9 may.


Qualibat indicated that the two qualifications can be requested from now on.read also

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