Property atypical : that is what it is, which to purchase ?

Lofts, artists ‘ studios, houseboats, converted roof space are the property of exception. But property of exception does not necessarily mean the property is luxurious, as evidenced by the results of the recent survey conducted by the real estate network Spaces Atypical. Decryption.
Difficult to define the spaces atypical in a few words. And for good reason, the unusual is everywhere : a beautiful height under ceiling, a sight released on a beautiful landscape, a timber frame home, a spacious terrace… Result : property that is “atypical” to take multiple faces. “This can range from an artist to an architect-designed house via a barge, the bare surfaces to landscaping, converted roof space and, of course, the lofts”, lists Julien Haussy, founder of network real estate Spaces the Atypical, which has recently presented the results of a study* internal.

Well atypical does not necessarily mean loft

If these remain in high demand, they represent only 33% of the goods sold. The rest of the market is shared between the apartments (31%) and houses, often architect-designed, ( 21%) and duplexes (9%). In other words, contrary to received ideas, that said though atypical, do not want to necessarily say loft. “The ancient places industrial and commercial do not overwrite other properties. In fact, the most classic basic, like the houses or the apartments are regularly equipped with beautiful terraces or benefit from renovations “decals contemporary,” which are places “lookés” and authentic to the times”, decrypts the professional. Also, the lofts offered on the market are more similar to those proposed there are ten or fifteen years. “We’re on second-hand goods that have already been renovated, the work needed, therefore, are not the same”, stressed by Julien Haussy. At the arrival all the same, we find some common denominators, such as, for example, of the light, the space – average surface area of 141 m2 and an outdoor space.

Well atypical does not necessarily mean significant investment

Another prejudice that comes to silence the investigation : although atypical does not necessarily mean important purchase budget. And for good reason, although the price spent, 563.000 euros on average, above the national average, which is around 220,000 euros, many goods are offered at lower prices. “Nearly 1/5 of our offers are properties for under 300,000 euros,” reveals Julien Haussy.

Owners rather intellectual or creative

Regarding the profile of the clients, there yet another surprise. Contrary to what one might think, buyers of goods atypical are not sought after by artists, eccentrics… on The contrary ! The property atypical are majority-owned by engineers, professionals in the medical world and senior management. In short, a population rather intellectual as well as creative. “Our customer base is primarily comprised of owners with a comfortable standard of living. They are already well housed and will not move for anything”, says Julien Haussy.


*The study was conducted on 251 of the goods offered for sale by Spaces Atypical in 2016.

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