Pro BTP alert on scams affecting the identification card of the CONSTRUCTION

ALERT. The social protection group Pro BTP informs the professionals about the fraudulent use of its name to sell fake identity card in the CONSTRUCTION industry at the prices “exorbitant”. The FFB had already sounded the alarm a few weeks ago.
A few weeks after the alert launched by the French building Federation (FFB), it is the turn of Pro BTP to prevent the professionals of the building : ill-intentioned individuals attempted to defraud businesses by selling fake id cards in the CONSTRUCTION industry at a very high price. They pass for this to representatives of the group of social protection.


“It is a question of attempts of scams, on which the professional associations of the building have immediately alerted their members”, explains Pro BTP, in a press release. “We have triggered a vigil to detect these fraudulent means.”


As a reminder, the deployment of the identification card of the BTP does not imply endorsement by the organization Pro BTP. All the steps are done via the website The document is issued by the Union des caisses de France, and costs 10,80 euros.

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