Presidential : the Syntec Federation calls for a vote Macron in the second round

The Syntec Federation has called on the 26th of April, to vote against Marine Le Pen, in favour of Emmanuel Macron, in the second round of the presidential election.
Some companies have not hesitated to encourage their employees to go vote in the presidential election, if possible avoiding the extremes. This is also the approach of at least one professional organization : the Syntec Federation. The latter, by a press release of 26 April, has called on the French to “go massively to the polls on 7 may next [day of the second round of the presidential election] to vote against Marine Le Pen and, therefore, in favour of Emmanuel Macron”.

“Our business sector needs a France open”


Syntec says and “fight strongly” the economic program proposed by the candidate of the extreme-right”. “Our businesses need in order to develop, a France that is open on Europe and on the world, an economy that is agile and competitive,” one can read in a press release issued on 26 April by the organization.


Syntec, however, stated that they did not “accept all of the proposals on economic and social of his opponent [i.e. Emmanuel Macron]”. “The mobilisation on 7 may next year is crucial for our country”, concludes the text of Syntec. Decidedly, this presidential election is not like any other.

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