Presidential 2017 : with a few days of the election, compare the programs

WHO TO VOTE FOR ? A few days before the first round of the presidential election, Batiactu offers you a summary of the main proposals of the eleven candidates, topic-by-topic : Architecture, Heritage, Housing, Energy/infrastructure, Taxation, Social, Territories, and communities…
In fifteen days, the French will elect the next president of the Republic. This is to facilitate the reflection and the choice of professionals in the construction sector that Batiactu has listed, theme by theme, the main proposals of each of the contenders at the Elysee.
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If, as Emmanuelle Cosse and numerous personalities from the sector have lamented, the issue of housing has been very little discussed during the debate, however, it has a beautiful place in the programs. It is the same for the energy renovation and the more general issue of renewable energy, as you will see in the pages that follow.


In architecture, nothing new


If there is a real poor cousin in this election, no doubt about it, it is the architecture. One candidate, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, gives this area a significant place. In other programs, this is the desert, or almost. All hope is not lost, however : as has been said Governed Chaumont, president of the Unsfa, in our columns, relating a about Patrick Bloche, the rapporteur of the law CAPE town : “No proposal on architecture had not been written in 2012 as a law essential has been voted on in 2016 !”
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What candidates want – or not – removing the drudgery ? What about the role of nuclear power and the maintenance of support systems for housing construction ? That intend to make the RSI the eleven contenders ?


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