Presidential 2017 : proposals for the restoration of heritage

The Grouping of the companies of restoration of the monuments historiques (GMH) expect a strong commitment from the presidential candidates. Check out their proposals.
The professionals of Heritage restoration plan, they, too, have a voice in this presidential campaign. Recalling the attachment of the French to their monuments, GMH regrets that the Heritage is “threatened because the State is abandoned” and asks the candidates to the presidency of the Republic to make strong commitments to preserve the chain of Heritage restoration.


In an editorial, the Grouping of firms of restoration of the monuments historiques (GMH) formula and a series of proposals. The sector calls for a law program for the next 10 years to ensure stability, the amount of which would amount to 750 million euros per year, compared with 320 M€ currently. It also recommends the retention of the levers of tax for the restoration of cultural Heritage and the strengthening of the aid on the monuments for the sponsorship.


To support the transmission of know-how


GMH proposes the creation of a device to “collect funds and voluntary donations from tourists in search of heritage as it exists in several countries”. The actors of the restoration of the Heritage and want to be ring-fence a specific allocation to the attention of the authorities for the maintenance of their heritage.


GMH finally insists on the importance of training and calls for commitments, allowing companies to maintain their activity by continuing to train young people while retaining the old ones. Because these are the trainers to apprentices, GMH request a relief of charges for the masters training.

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