Practical worksheets for landscaping or road in wood

The quality label of the CTB B+ publishes two factsheets for local communities and enterprises of public works. Theme : landscaping and highway improvements in wood.
According to the technological institute FCBA, the wood is more present in the public spaces. Its aesthetic qualities, which facilitate its integration with the landscape and its lightness or its easy to work with are assets that are looking for developers, whether it is guard rails on the edge of a mountain road, furniture in the rest area or acoustic screens. However, all of these achievements in the wood must comply with the normative principles in order to ensure the durability of the material for the intended use. This is why, in order to help the professionals of the public works, and public authorities in their choices, the certification mark CTB B+ has published two factsheets relating to outdoor facilities (e.g. furniture, playgrounds, rails, pedestrian) and highway improvements (slides, screens, wildlife passages).

The important thing is to properly treat the wood“, Merlin

The two documents present a set of constraints with respect to these specific uses, the rules of exposure, the maintenance conditions and the performance of the products. Since the normative environment is dense with questions of classes of employment, sustainability, and imprégnabilité of the wood. A successful treatment will be a pledge of the protection of the material opposite to the larvae of insects, termites and fungi. The FCBA stated that the effectiveness of this treatment is based on three parameters : the choice of the wood species, the choice of the product the performance of which are attested and the method of treatment chosen. The compliance is monitored on site by the institute of technology, which pays special attention to the preparation of the wood and the humidity, the quality of the treatment (dilution, penetration and retention of preservative) and in compliance with regulations concerning the facility.


The two factsheets are available online on the website www.ctbbplus.frà read also

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