Positive energy buildings and electric network

XPAIR. How to reconcile the positive energy building and electrical grid ? The consumption needs of the building vary in function of the time of day, weather and season. Photovoltaic production must be supported, intermittently. Yves Barlier, head of the pole Regulation in Enedis, is the point.
The electrical network allows you to share the needs of consumption and local production. A BEPOS has consumption needs, which vary according to the time of day, day of week, season, climate. A renewable energy production associated with the BEPOS depends on its natural source, whether the sun, wind, hydropower, biomass or geothermal energy. Starting from the example of a BEPOS with photovoltaic generation (PV), renewable energy source that is easily accessible in the city, we see that one of the issues concerns the balance between the consumption needs of the building and the PV production.


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