Point P public Works to the onslaught of new markets

The public works sector is changing. Particularly affected by the crisis, with a loss of 12% of its activity since 2008, the market seems to leave estimates Pierre-Emmanuel Thiard, the director-general of Point P public works. This latest account win market share on new markets.
After years of crisis, which resulted in a decrease of 12% of the activity and the loss of more than 30,000 jobs, the market for public works “seems to leave,” said Pierre-Emmanuel Thiard, the director-general of Point P public works. In 2016, activity has increased by 3.5%.


During these difficult years, has added another problem : the creation of a metropolis that has disrupted work sites, the owners being a little lost in this new organization, the business leader. But the situation seems to be improving. Today, Point P public works is the national leader for public works and now expand into three new markets : drinking water, sanitation non-collective and the networks dry. The ambition of the materials distributor, is also expanding its offer covering the whole of the activities of the TP and be an actor of innovation.


On the market of drinking water, Pierre-Emmanuel Thiard explains that the current network is aging and needs to be renewed. “This is a major issue, and public health“, he said, adding that “20% of water are lost due to the obsolescence of the networks“. Thus there is market share to take, that is why 35 of its agencies are dedicated to this with a staff that is trained in the trades of water.


Strengthen the expertise of the teams


Other market shares are also to be taken, particularly in sanitation non-collective, which concerns here the smaller projects, such as those of the individual houses. To this end, Point P public works has established a partnership with a research office for studies of soils. “We have deployed a sales force dedicated to the artisans“, says the officer. Finally, one of the challenges for the development of the brand is focused on the networks dried (internet, fiber optics). “We chain success“, is proud to announce that Pierre-Emmanuel Thiard. His company was awarded the contract for the supply of the whole of the optical fiber in Alsace, including the management of the project is entrusted to EIG which NGE is gone. The brand has also been selected for the Moselle and, more recently, the grenoble-Isère. To manage these large accounts, a cell that is specialized and dedicated has also been created. “She brings the expertise and turnkey solutions“, complete-finally.


Because the expertise is an important element of the development strategy of the distributor. A service limitation has been put in place to “provide customers with a holistic view of their project“support prior to the project and to “promote innovative technical solutions, “he concludes.

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