Pinel, APL : Jacques Mézard confirms a Housing reform in the fall

ADS. The minister of territorial Cohesion, Jacques Mézard, confirmed Tuesday, July 25, that a reform of the Housing would be put in place in the fall. The future of the scheme Pinel is still not clarified.
The minister of territorial Cohesion Jacques Mézard promised Tuesday 25 July, radio RTL, a “global reform of personal housing aid” in the fall, deeming it necessary “structural reforms” to end an “evil system” responsible for an inflation of rents.


“We have a budget of APL of 19 billion euros, a budget for housing aid of 30 billion euros, which is the highest in Europe, with its corollary: not enough housing and the rents too high. Thus, there is a problem”, summarized the minister. “When one puts 1 euro on the APL, it made 78 cents in rents to rise: it will take much out of this system which is perverse”, he continued, defending the decline of the criticism, from October, 5 euros for a monthly personal housing aid announced by the government.


No warranty given on the maintenance of the Pinel


As announced on 24 July by Christophe Castaner, a bill housing that will be tabled in October-November. “The goal is to allow to build faster, more easily, to simplify all the formalities and take a number of steps to cause a supply shock in this country”, said M. Mézard.


What will happen to the device tax Pinel, to which are attached the professional federations of the accommodation and of the building ? Jacques Mézard is opposed to a “sudden stop” of it, what was the position of Emmanuel Macron during the presidential campaign. “If you stop abruptly the device Pinel, we are going to have a decrease in housing starts, so he must find a balanced solution, knowing that the device Pinel also generates tax revenue”, he said. But the minister has so far given no guarantee on the maintenance of this device in the state.

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