Pierre Veltz won the Grand Prix de l’urbanisme 2017

DISTINCTION. At the initiative of the ministry of Housing and sustainable Habitat, the jury of the Grand Prix de l’urbanisme 2017 just reward by a large majority, Pierre Veltz, engineer, sociologist, economist, ardent defender of the cities and of the Grand Paris.
Great defender of cities, towns, metropolises, and of the Grand Paris and responsible for leading, since 2008, the project cluster on the Saclay plateau (Essonne), Pierre Veltz, engineer, sociologist, economist, has just won the Grand Prize of urban planning 2017 has announced the April 26, 2017, the department of Housing.
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“A researcher engaged in urban planning”


By rewarding the former director of the Ecole nationale des ponts et chaussées, “the jury, chaired by Paul Delduc, director-general of planning, housing and nature (DGALN)- has wished to recognize a researcher involved in urban planning”, added the ministry in the press release. A distinction that was held to mark “his integrity and his commitment to the service of the research and of the urban as well as its stature and its global influence”, not counting his “outstanding quality of contractor scientific.”


Born in Phalsbourg in 1945, Pierre Veltz has created and directed research at the School of bridges in the 80’s. Creator, in 1985, the Laboratory Techniques, territories and societies (LATTS), he was instrumental, in connection with the inter-ministerial Delegation for territorial planning and regional attractiveness (DATAR), to reconstruct a doctrine of the development of the territory decidedly pro-urban, thus strengthening the role of Paris and other cities.
From 1999 to 2004, director of the School of bridges, it expands the place of the subjects of urban and environmental contributes to the launch of the Polytechnicum de Marne-la-Vallée, with the idea of building a large hub, centred on the towns and territories. He then directed the Institute of high studies of development and land-use planning (CLASS), cycle training for professionals.


In 2008, Pierre Veltz accepts the mission of study on the Grand Paris proposed by Nicolas Sarkozy, to participate in the implementation of Greater Paris, Grand Paris Express, and the consultation of urban planners.


“The Great Paris passes by the improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants, the correction of territorial inequalities”
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Recall that the project of Greater Paris, which was initiated in 2007 under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy (law MAPTAM), had the ambition of transforming the greater paris area, a large metropolis in the twenty-first century, to ensure its rank in the competition of the mega-cities international. “The project involves the improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants, the correction of territorial inequalities and the construction of a sustainable city”, explained Pierre Veltz, both a researcher in the human sciences, French engineer and president director general of the Etablissement Paris Saclay during a visit to the territory of Paris Saclay.


From 2009-researcher, he immerses himself in the project of Saclay, first as ministerial secretary and then as president-director general of the public establishment of planning and development. The Grand Prize of Urban planning will be presented at a formal ceremony in the fall of 2017 is to finally know the ministry of Housing.

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