Pierre Coppey, deputy DG of Vinci

Pierre Coppey is since 2016 deputy director general of the Vinci group, which has made $ 38 billion in revenue for the $ 2.5 billion in net income in 2016. He is also chairman of Vinci Autoroutes and Vinci Stadium, the branch manager of a network of five stages “multi-purpose” to accommodate sporting events and entertainment.
In a press release, upon his appointment in 2016, the group has also noted that Pierre Coppey is ” responsible for the forward-thinking, environmental policy, operational synergies in France and internationally, of the think tank La Fabrique de la Cité and the Fondation Vinci pour la Cité “.


New challenges for the chief executive officer born in 1963, who was first a communications specialist, to The Post office first, and then within Vinci even before turning into the motorway concessions.


Pierre Coppey is also chairman since 2000 of the association Aurore, who in 2017 which indicates on its site, ” to accommodate, treat and support nearly 30 000 people in a situation of precariousness or exclusion to a social and professional integration “ on the whole national territory.


Professional career

– 2016 : deputy general Manager of Vinci.
– 2014 : Director general delegate of Vinci in charge of concessions.
– 2012 : President of the Association of the French Companies of Motorways (until 2016).
– 2009 : President of Vinci Autoroutes.
– 2007 : Chairman and ceo of Cofiroute.
– 2006 : deputy Director general of Vinci, chargé de communication, human resources and synergies.
– 2001 : joined the executive committee of the Vinci group, and also director of the communication, human resources and synergies.
– 1996 : Director of the communication of the group SGE (Société générale d’entreprise, which became Vinci in 2000).
– 1992 : Director of communication of the society of public works Campenon Bernard, a subsidiary of the SGE.
– 1989 : Responsible for internal communication and institutional Position.


The major projects of his career

His latest baby is called Leonard : an innovation lab that will open in fall 2017 in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. ” This place will be dedicated both to the day before, to the forward-looking awareness to the new trends of the industry while accompanying the projects of the group’s employees or start-ups. For a company that lives in the immediate future, to take some distance is important in order to project into the future. And call such a space Leonard was a no-brainer “ that was explained in the beginning of July, 2017 Pierre Coppey in the columns of the World. And the daily noted that Vinci’s ” wishes and prepare for the impact of the ecological transition, or the autonomous car, or preparing the digitization of infrastructures and other buildings… all rubbing young shoots are deemed more nimble and more willing to take risks that a large group….


Newly in charge of synergies, Pierre Coppey has perfectly understood the message. The other major area for which it is responsible, with the highways, it is less new. Even though this is not always of any rest. In 2014, while some (including the competition Authority, which spoke of ” rates of return in excess of 20 % “) seemed to doubt the legitimacy of the rate increases imposed on users, Pierre Coppey was mounted in the niche. The concession that allows you to invest the huge sums that it takes to build a network. At the end you make the asset, you pay off your bond, your shareholders, and there is nothing left “, he thundered in West-France. ” Motorists know that the concessions of motorways were built in France for the best european network, and they know that it has a price… “


As what the one who is also patron of the stade de France can take the free-kicks. He who fails to become a journalist and how the training and curriculum is in contrast with the other great leaders of the sector is sometimes viewed by observers as a possible future CEO of the group. There is no doubt that in the meantime, he will still dribble skillfully in a universe that he knows now by heart.



– 1986 : Graduate of the École nationale supérieure des PTT.
– 1984 : Graduate of the Institute of political studies of Strasbourg.
– Master’s degree in Political Sciences (University of Paris II).
– A former student of the university Centre for education in journalism in Strasbourg.

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