Payment delays : Sogea Atlantique BTP was given a fine

Because of delays in the payment of invoices from its suppliers, the company Sogea Atlantique BTP was fined by the DGCCRF.
On may 15, 2017, the DGCCRF has announced on its website that the company Sogea Atlantique BTP, based in Saint-Herblain (Loire-Atlantique), was sentenced to a fine of 49.500 euros due to late payment of invoices to its suppliers. A sanction imposed by the regional Directorate for enterprises, competition, consumption, work and employment (DIRECCTE) of the Countries of the Loire. “The finding of these delays has been carried out by the services of the DIRECCTE within the framework of an investigation launched by the DGCCRF on the compliance with the rules of the code of trade in respect of time limits of payment,” says the DGCCRF.


As a reminder, the legislation caps the payment schedule of contractual business-tobusiness. They must not exceed 60 days from the date of the invoice or 45 days end of month, specific time limits are provided for certain products or services.


The systematic publication of names of companies penalized for delay of payment is a provision which has been made in the law Fir 2, voted at the end of 2016.

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