Passive house : Lafarge and Euromac 2 provide a mode of constructive complete

By combining blocks coffrant insulating and self-compacting concrete, Lafarge and Euromac 2 combine their know-how in the field of construction systems for passive houses. They have signed a national partnership to develop a common offer.
At the end of the month of June 2017, the director-general of the concrete at Lafarge, Jean-Marc Goldberg, and the president of Euromac 2, Michel Kratz, have signed a contract for a national partnership involving the two companies around a common project. One of how to develop constructive manner complete intended for passive houses, which combines self-compacting concrete and blocks coffrant insulation.


Technically, the solution is to fill the blocks of expanded polystyrene of high-density products by Euromac 2, with the concrete Agilia, poured between the two partitions apart by a blocks of steel. The operation is conducted with the help of a pump. “Lafarge, therefore, guarantee a complete solution with the product, the concrete and the service of pumping, “says the press release. The predicted performance in terms of thermal resistance and inertia, are high. The R coefficient, for example, going from 5.6 to 10.2, depending on the thickness of the chosen block, which allows you to respond to the current RT2012, but also to anticipate the future environmental regulations for buildings (still known under the erroneous name of RBR2020).


It is intended that the two partners rely on a network of companies formed and approved, to the image of the network of applicators Pro Agilia Screed, this is to ensure the quality of implementation and achievements.

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